• Can an account manager assist me?
  • We have a team of experienced account managers who are trained to assist you,propose items and make recommendations. We are able to detail thousand items which are customizable (printing, colors, and dimensions). If you have specific needs or any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact us by email at sales@sinoroyi.com. An account manager will be on hand directly to assist you.
  • How can I create my product?
  • We understand that most of the companies, especially small and medium sized ones, do not have the resource to design products. Thats why we have a professional team of experienced graphic designers ready to prepare visuals for our customers. Working strongly with your account manager, the designer will prepare a model of your desired product with your logo or visual. This service is totally free of charge.
  • How can I find another product which is not in website?
  • We can offer our customers an endless variety of products. With thousands of factories around us, we are able to produce an item adapted to your request. If you are looking for a product not included in our online catalog, please contact one of our account managers at sales@sinoroyi.com.
  • Can I receive a sample beforeordering?
  • You can, of course, receive a sample. It will be charged at the lowest quantity rate, according to the availability in stock and product specificities.
  • How can I get a sample ?
  • We supply free samples if the total value is under 5 US dollars .If you have a DHL or UPS account or other courier freight collectable account and agree to pay the courier freight.
    If the total value of samples is more than 5 US dollars, we'd like to ask you to pay for the samples and courier freight. We will send the samples to you after receipt of your payment.
    If you don't have a courier account, you can send your courier to collect samples from our company. Or,send us the samples charge together with the courier cost by T/T.
  • What are the steps if I want to place an order?
  • If you want more information about any products from our website, simply send an email at sales@sinoroyi.com with details of your needs: product reference, quantity and color. Upon receipt of this information, one of our account managers will contact you to confirm your specific requirements and will then prepare detailed quotation that will be emailed back to you. If our offer fulfills your request, your account manager will prepare the purchase order. Once this document received and confirmed by yourself, our graphic designers will prepare your final artwork (called also worksheet) that will be emailed to you for your approval. Then, we will confirm the production to our supplier in line with the pre-agreed delivery dates.
  • What are the technical requirements and charges (film, mould…)?
  • These are standard charges in order to set-up the printing. It depends on the complexity of the creation you want to print on your items. Most of the time, the printing used is called “silkscreen printing”. This process requires the production of one film per color. Sometimes, these charges are refund if the minimal order quantity is respected. This principle is also used for embroidery. Of course, there are others printing possibilities (laser, heat stamping …). Your account manager will propose to you the best compromise between the technical fees and the printing.
  • When can I receive my products?
  • The sampling and the production delays vary and are dependent to the product you have chosen. Indeed, the complexity of producing the material or starting the prints is different. As soon as you confirm the order, your account manager will advise you an estimated delivery date. It is important to note however that delivery dates are subject to receipt of signed artwork approval and not from the date you place your order. In order to guarantee a high quality service, please note that our quality control team will check your products one by one according to the validated worksheet.
  • Can I be sure the colors requested will be respected?
  • Due to the variety of materials and the imprint processes, no guarantee can be given to match exactly pantone numbers or color samples provided by our customers. Our team will do their best to match as closely as possible to the supplied color references but cannot be held liable for any deviations of print colors or associated costs. If you have any others questions, please contact us by email at sales@sinoroyi.com